New YouTube channel for writers!

New YouTube
Get Writing is a new YouTube channel dedicated to the study
of writing.

This week I want to announce an exciting new venture—a brand new YouTube channel for aspiring writers — Get Writing.

Yes, after ten years of writing about writing on I’m finally stepping into the youtube arena to provide additional help for emerging writers.

The channel will complement my usual blog spot, providing analysis and commentary on the myriad of writing techniques, but will add that all-important audio-visual dimension to the mix.

“Get Writing is a new YouTube channel that adds an audio-visual dimension to the material found on this website.”

Additionally, I will be inviting to the platform a selection of subscribers, some of whom are established authors, screenwriters and film makers to share their knowledge as well as to discuss their forthcoming projects with us. Film and book reviews are also on the radar, as is my sincere attempt to answer your individual questions through YouTube’s comments section.

And despite my initial performance on camera being ever-so-serious and wooden, I believe the channel is poised to become an invaluable resource for aspiring writers. So, click on this link, or search, “How to write fabulous scenes” within YouTube, subscribe, and let’s Get Writing!

3 thoughts on “New YouTube channel for writers!

  1. Mark Dickie

    Looks great! If you’re looking for future topics at all, may I put in a suggestion/request? I’d love to hear your thoughts on writing for a young audience, children, teens etc. Thanks!

    1. Stavros Halvatzis Post author

      As a matter of fact I am, Mark. Sounds great. I have written about audiences before, so I can look into it again for this new medium. BTW, I’d like to have you come on the channel at some point. We can talk about the intersection of games and story-telling, or something like that. You’re quite the games guru, old chap. But I’ll drop you an email about soon!


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