Have You Checked Your Story?

Scales So, you’ve finished your screenplay or novel. Is it as good as you can make it? Other than gut-feel, how can you tell?

Here’s a shortened checklist, via Margret Geraghty’s The Novelist’s Guide, to help you decide:

Do you start in the right place? Not too soon or too late?
Is your first chapter or scene riveting and compelling?
Does each scene have structure and purpose?
Does each scene or chapter end on an intriguing note?
Are your flashbacks absolutely necessary?
Have you prepared the reader or audience for surprises through foreshadowing?
Are your characters authentic and compelling?
Does your protagonist have difficult problems to overcome, leading to the final solution?
Does your protagonist solve the ultimate problem by realising something about herself she was unaware of before?
Are your characters’ names right for them?
Do your characters have their own unique voice – idiom, speech pattern?
Do you have interesting settings?
Do you invoke the five senses in your scenes.
Is your ending surprising but inevitable?
Does it yield the theme you intended?

If you’ve answered no or maybe to any of these questions highlight them, return to your manuscript, revise and repeat. Your story will be the better for it.


Use a checklist to fine tune your story.


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