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Spiritual Growth in Maturing Characters

SpiritualHow does spiritual growth relate to a deepening maturity? Continuing with age-related themes, Linda Seger offers the twenties-through-forties as yet another age-focused grouping.

Although the twenties category has been discussed separately in this blog, the overlap here points to a deepening engagement with themes that become increasingly more important as one gets older – such as those clustering around spiritual growth.

Twenties through Forties

The important thing during these years is the sharpening focus, as one matures, on spirituality versus materialism. Stories in this category tend to explore the things that are truly important in life, things that, progressively, become more meaningful as wisdom grows through age, through life’s hard knocks.

Having achieved successful careers, often at the expense of others, some characters are ready to exchange material comforts in favour of spiritual and moral values such as integrity, social conscience, wisdom, and healthy relationships.

Some characters even factor in self-sacrifice for the greater good as a viable course of action. Films such as Seven Years in Tibet, Ghandi, Erin Brokovich, and Norma Rae touch on the spiritual themes mentioned above.

The lesson is that as one moves towards a deeper maturity so does one’s attention – from the visceral pleasures of physical success to the more nascent, invisible rewards of value-driven action: from receiving to giving, loving, educating.

Stories driven by characters embodying such themes, then, resonate with more mature audiences who recognize these needs in themselves.


Stories about maturing characters weigh up the spiritual over the material and come down on the side of the spiritual as a thematic outcome.


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